The project

Homeating is a groundbreaking project of private and social dinners offered within exclusive private settings chosen with great care according to the fil rouge of an art and a culture which combine the aesthetic allure of the magnificent homes with a culinary taste in an inspired gourmet key.

The HomeRestaurant offered by Homeating is a surprising alternative to the usual already experimented itineraries. It results in an extraordinary, stimulating, and very pleasant discovery of the precious microcosm of the terrific exclusive locations exceptionally open for that special circumstance. .

Today Homeating - already an experimented reality in Naples broadens its horizons and lands in cities like Venice, Milan and Rome and reaches the wonderful sceneries of the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts.

The HomeRestaurant offered by Homeating includes also special events, company lunches and dinners organized on purpose in the most sophisticated and inspiring locations spread throughout the urban area.

Homeating organizes also cooking classes on specific subjects taught by professional chefs in the warm kitchens in the heart of our exclusive locations. At the end of the cooking class you can deservedly taste the prepared dishes associated with the right selection of wines to be experienced and shared.