dinner at posillipo hill
Dinner at Posillipo
Dinner at Posillipo

At the turn of the Nineteenth century a British aristocrat, who had fallen in love with ayoung beautiful Neapolitan lady, had a mansion built for her on the hill of Posillipo; the seat, plunged into a deep vegetation, with an astonishing view on Capri was elected for being fresh and windy, for its sweet dry and healthy climate. Villa Sanfelice, on Posillipo hill, reminds a Naples whose streets were still crossed by horses and coaches which climbed into the countryside.
In the Eighties of the last century  villa Sanfelice was purchased by the current owners and today its doors are open to a cultivated and inquiring audience by offering a menu which spreads from the "nouvelle cuisine" to the traditional food of the Neapolitan kitchen.
A menu for people suffering from celiac disease will be available on request.

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