Hidden garden
Hidden garden

The secret/hidden garden is an evocative bucolic fragment you will unexpectedly see when you enter a private mansion in the heart of the town.

It is a four hectare large piece of land grown with deep care by the owner who has been able to treat artfully the wild luxuriant Mediterranean forest with taste and botanic expertise. She in fact transformed this fertile piece of earth into a pristine naturalistic oasis and managed to defend and preserve it from the threatening surrounding building speculation.

This precious ‘green’ pearl is a shelter from the metropolitan chaos and a place for restoring well being; it boasts a numberless variety of specific biodiversity largely widespread, like, as an example, a magnificent fig tree under whose shadow an open air living room is set in a simple and elegant (easy chic) way where you can relax and have a gorgeous dinner!

Last but not least : the small and attractive emerald swimming pool enlightened by the changing glare of every kind of tree which surround it all around.

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