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Marechiaro home
Marechiaro home

Along the way to Marechiaro .. a place of inexhaustible source of poeic inspiration and evocation - you’ll come across, as in a mirage, a majestic oasis of pure calm and beauty. It is a historical villa, one among the most fascinating houses of Posillipo, built in the VII century and restored in a spirit of ethical devotion according to a project of bio-architecture of low environmental impact by the owner of the villa, a Neapolitan architect who lives there with her family. [We are talking of ] A unique oupost of excellence, far from the urban ‘corruption’ which witnesses the existence and persistence of an unpolluted elsewhere, a reservoir of ‘terra felix’, r-existing, still miraculously virgin.

It is as if suspended in time, as if lulled by the reconciling echo of the sea, it expands into eternity. The villa, standing out of the cliff, overlooking the sea, enjoys the sight of the iridescent beauty of the whole gulf: from the iconic profile of Vesuvius to the shape of Capri up to Sorrento peninsula.

You may enjoy the privilege of a private road which goes down all the way through the rocky coast amid the natural swimming pools of Posillipo; from here special kayak tours may beorganized through bays and corners you may reach only from the sea. In this spot of paradise, embedded in the heritage of the natural art of Naples, Homeating will plan social dinners which will take place in the green heart of the villa, in the fertile cultivated garden, with a menu based mainly on delicious fresh fish cooked on the coals by the husband/owner with experience and simplicity!

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