dinner on Chiara sailing boat at Borgo Marinari in Naples
All together on the same boat!
All together on the same boat!

Jean Claude Izzo: Facing the sea, happiness is a clear idea

With Chiara, on Ondine, her old and trustworthy sailing boat, docked on the little harbour of Borgo Marinaro, enfolded by the outline of Mount Vesuvius, caressed by the sea breeze and kissed by the sun which at sunset makes even more lyrical the vision of the Castel dell’Ovo, golden, as it is, and imposing high on the waters of the mare nostrum

We are gently rocked and led far away even though anchored on the ground…in a dreamlike setting which lets ourselves plunge into another world, another mood…as if by magic…far from the alienating metropolitan nightmare!

The captain is Chiara, a brave young woman who has decided to radically change her life-style, obeying her rooted passion for sailing, the sea, travelling… www.velaviaconme.it

Riding the wave of freedom and of poetry which awakened her emotions and the feeling of her most authentic and vital nature! “Seagulls teach that you must take off against the wind in order to fly” Now Chiara teaches sailing and plans boating holidays towards varied and enchanting destinations…and she assures that she now smiles much more even though she earns much less! “I travel, I explore, I try, I experiment, I leave space to my imagination and fantasy. I live with a curious heart. I use my time as I wish. I meet People, Smiles, Gestures, Sharings and the important Things of my life are not things”.

Together with her better half of navigation…a young woman architect, fond of good food, Chiara will welcome you in her cosy and trustworthy boat to share epic tales, the magnificent setting of the gulf, while you sip from a sophisticated selection of white icy wines to go with the tasting of finger food of fresh fish which will have at its climax a smoky first course of fish just cooked below deck by the Chef!

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