location per eventi con landscape e vista mare.

The history of homeating

Homeating event venues was founded in 2015 as a social eating circuit carried out by setting up a temporary restaurant at home and hosting people who do not yet know each other to offer a unique convivial experience by fostering new encounters and friendships with people of like mind and interests.
The activity developed by selecting a grouping of particular locations, houses and places animated by a love for art and design.
It is this pathway of relationships based on trust and sharing that has grown over time and which today allows Homeating to propose private event venues in a variety of contexts for all needs. These events are conceived, designed and implemented on the basis of common values and principles that define the pact of elegance, respect and beauty shared between Homeating and guests.

The Homeating philosophy:

Beauty needs organization
Homeating works to realize the ideal of beauty that the guest has in mind, dedicating attention, precision and method to identify useful ways and tools to allow its most faithful and accurate expression.

Excellence means competence

Homeating believes in continuous research: searching for new experiences, searching for the perfect solution to meet and enhance the customer’s wishes and needs, exploring places, flavors and personal passions.

Accuracy requires vision

Homeating curates each event as an original project, with the attention necessary to envison and plan all the details capable of building a complete and satisfying experience.

location per eventi con landscape e vista mare utilizzabile per matrimoni.
Location per eventi.

Homeating: the numbers

Over 500 events in 5 years
100 customized formats developed in 250 locations available
100 weddings
200 private parties
200 social dinners


Carolina Pignata
Co-founder and CEO
A lawyer and Administrative Director of the company, is responsible for external relations and project management, oversees the expansion of the Homeating circuit and follows all phases of the event organization process

Marcella Buccino
Co-founder and operations manager

Highly experienced event manager, taking care of the artistic direction, the selection and the relationship with the suppliers who are able to guarantee through their craft the full expression of the Homeating spirit.

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