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The Corporate dimension of Homeating

Homeating guarantees maximum accuracy in interpreting the specific needs of companies that want to involve their customers and /or employees in convivial experiences, celebrating the spirit and values of their organization.
Whatever time you intend to dedicate to your relationship with guests, the skills of the Homeating team are at the complete disposal of those who wish to offer guests the most suitable dimension for the objectives and vocation of the occasion. The choice of the location, the logistics, the entertainment, the gastronomic experience, the special needs, the definition of the format and the ways of involving guests: each step is designed and created to ensure a pleasurable and memorable event.


IThe number of people involved and the duration of the event do not in any way affect the possibility of offering a complete personalized experience to each guest to whom you wish to reserve special attention and treatment elaborated according to a tailor-made method.


The ability to observe and respect protocols and ceremonies, experience in the timely management of all phases of the event in full compliance with privacy and safety regulations are an integral part of the experience gained by Homeating in our years of activity at the service of companies and corporations.


The Homeating model is designed to respond to all requests regarding the sustainability of events, with formats and procedures that respect the relative principles and the willingness to dedicate, where required, a specialized sustainability manager for the related tasks and certifications.

organizzazione eventi aziendali: vista di una sala da pranzo

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