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The wedding day – the day of the reception – is the culminating moment of a journey full of choices and preparations; a journey that is and must be fun and enjoyable for you and all your loved ones. Together we will find the right formula to support you in the most natural and fluid way possible, helping you to avoid stress and enjoy every step of this unforgettable adventure.


Listening carefully to what you have in mind so that you can identify the perfect solutions to achieving what you envision as your most beautiful day is the starting point of our work. Organizing a wedding is dialogue and collaboration, a confrontation that lasts as long as necessary to identify and plan each step of your “perfect experience”.

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There are no limits to give shape to what you imagine as a truly different day, and also … to go even further. Our consolidated relationship with dozens of professionals and exclusive service providers allows you to customize every aspect of your party beyond even your own imagination, relying on ours and our partners’ creativity


Based on our extensive experience of hundreds of weddings, we offer you all the help you need to organize and plan in detail every single step for your perfect wedding day. It will be our care and concern to define the necessary times, keep the ranks of the organization process in line and orchestrate relations with all those involved because we know how to do it and because … we love our job.

wedding venues in italy

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