"The space is an old industrial building from the 1930s which, up to about twenty years ago, fulfilled its function. It was then abandoned and we took it on in its rundown condition. We immediately liked both for its internal layout and location. There are two floors for a total of 700 square meters that have undergone – under the collusion and supervision of the architect Luciano Giorgi, - a very light, almost invisible restoration. We have tried to leave the footprint of its history and its previous life as much as possible [interview with the founder, Alberto Salvadori]. "
A stone's throw from the Prada Foundation, the building shares with it a spirit of renewal of an area of ​​Milan - the Ripamonti district -  which is undergoing an incredible process of urban regeneration.
“ICA Milan, a modern and eco-sustainable neighborhood an area full of trees, pedestrian paths, waterways and electric means of transport.A modern and eco-sustainable neighborhood, thanks to the construction of the new green square inaugurated in 2015, called Symbiosis. The addition of this space has transformed an area dedicated purely to business, into a place dominated by trees, pedestrian paths, waterways and electric means of transport which allow citizens and workers to socialize and enjoy a pleasant, natural atmosphere.
Ripamonti is a neighborhood designed to welcome and host young workers. It is an area that offers many employment opportunities, thanks to the presence of multiple companies, but which also manages to combine multiple spaces used for entertainment and culture, such as museums, entertainment venues and the vast outdoor areas, entirely connected to a WIFI network."