The location chosen for the Thomas Dane Gallery Partenopea Naples is the Villa Ruffo in the elegant Chiaia district, a fine example of a late 19th-century eclectic villa built on three floors and set in a lush garden with tall trees of various species. Built at the end of the century by Beniamino Ruffo di Calabria, the villa has since been the home of a long series of intellectuals including the philosopher Benedetto Croce (1866-1952) and the Polish writer Gustaw Herling (1919-2000) who transferred to Naples. ” (OpenHouse Naples)

“The gallery is located in Casa Ruffo, the former residence of Benedetto Croce in the 1950s. It is characterized by a splendid veranda and has a classical soul. Together with the gallery, the residency project for artists was founded for whom the eclectic beauty of Naples is a source of inspiration. ”
(Italics Arts and Landscape)

“Six rooms plus offices, with a large central hall and a neoclassical aura dominate this beautiful apartment inside Casa Ruffo: this is how the British gallery owner Thomas Dane presents, together with his partner Francois Chantala, his new Neapolitan gallery. ”
“The viewer is welcomed by a large central hall which has been left empty on the occasion of the first exhibition and around which the rooms that make up the gallery wind. Each room is dedicated to an artist who projects his idea of Naples directly or indirectly through his medium. The city itself is the protagonist both in the works and in Thomas Dane’s concept of a gallery. ”